Northeast Urology - Dr. Liam J Hurley Damaged Left Testicle

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I went in for a simple vasectomy and this monster damaged my left testicle. Its been almost two years and I've had to have three more surgeries, by a better doctor, to help me get to a pain level I can deal with. His practice, Northeast Urology, is horrible. The staff is rude the exame rooms are filthy and this doctor was just a plain ***.

I do not regret having a vasectomy and I was not made by my wife to have one. My advice is to see three doctors and check them out before you do this. Please stay away from this doctor!

Review about: Vasectomy.



After meeting this guy and discussing the proceedure he would be doing on me I did alittle homework and called the Massachusetts Board of Medicine. Well he will never touch me after being told of the disturbing complaints on his record.


If you want to know the truth about Dr.Liam Hurley pick up the phone and call the Massachusetts Board of Medicine.

They will tell you of all the complaints on his permanent record.If you dont believe me call them before he hurts you.


i want to fight Dr.hurley anywhere.

He can choose the place.

But his face will not look the same after I'm done with him.i dont think it will happen because he is a coward!


This doctor caused damage to my practice when I recommended a patients husband to him. He made a simple procedure into a mess.


I have decided not to recommend this doctor anymore due to the growing issue of his incompetence.

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